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Ingo Warnke, Sculptor

Workshops 2011

The new dates for 2011 are fixed

Workshop dates

Ein NDR-Fernsehteam beim Zeitenturm in Kirchbarkau

Local TV visits "Holy Nimbus"

and reports about Ingo Warnkes "Zeitenturm" (Timetower)

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Artists journey to ArgentinaArtists journey to Argentina

Ingo Warnke was invited to travel through Argentina and to talk about his art.

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Ingo Warnke: Atelier

Workshop „Holy Nimbus“

Where it is and what there happens

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Atelier „Heiliger Schein“

Open Workshop - 26. September from 11am - 4pm

Have a look at the latest work, have a chat with the artists Ingo Warnke and Ulf Reisener, enjoy with coffee and cake.

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Galerie Heike Klausener

„as time passes by...“

Anniversary exhibition of Kollmar based Galery „Heike Klausener“.

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Ausstellung Gallo Chupando

„Gallo Chupando“
Art in a Country Tavern

Exhibition and Symposium of the artists network at the former Country Tavern „Leckerhölken“ which means „gallo chupando / drippy cock“

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Landesgartenschau Ippenburg, Bad Essen

Federal horticultural show
Lower Saxony

Exhibition of „The Pod“

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Exhibition in Oslo, Norway

Parts of the 56.Landesschau came from Schleswig-Holstein to Oslo Rådhusgalleriet (Town hall gallery). The Wheel was among them.

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Recent Pressreview: Omega-Stone

Most read Newspaper „Kieler Nachrichten“ had an article about the Omega-Stone, which I created in 2003 for the Bordesholm-Library.


Ingo Warnke: Work


Next dates are not fixed yet.

Bothkamp Mill Summer Academy will be during holiday, exact dates to be announced.


Ingo Warnke: Atelier

Workshop „Holy Nimbus“

Runned together with sculptor Ulf Reisener

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